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Sunday, November 10, 2013

[Beauty] Collection Cosmetics

I really like exploring make ups and will never hesitate to review or try on new makeups. So just few days ago, I went to the media launch of Collection. This is one of the top make up brands in the UK and now, it is finally available in Singapore!!

They had so many dazzling make ups and lip stains that totally made me go gah gah. I am really a sucker for lip stains.

However, the first range which caught my eye yesterday was these glittery colourful eyeliners. I could feel parties and christmas in them. lol.

You can also dab some onto your fingers and apply them like some glittery eye shadows.

Eyeshadows. Can I just have all of them please? Different palette can create different looks. Totally digging the first 2 on the left.

And now, to my favourite lip stains!

This is the lip gloss series which I applied on that night. I had a pinkish base (from one of their lipstick as well) and top it off with the first lip gloss on the left to create a wet and pouty look.

This series caught my attention because it comes with a mirror at the side so you can actually apply it anywhere, anytime, conveniently. You can save the hassle of looking for a toilet just to re-apply the lip colour.

Swatches in order as seen in the picture above. I like the 3rd from the left and 2nd from the right! As you can see, I love reddish tones more :)

One more highlight from the range is the illuminating lights! It lights up automatically when you open the tube. So you can apply it when you're in the dark as well. Clubs maybe?!

Call me a mountain turtle but these lip colours look like markers to me. And being said that, they are extremely easy to apply! It's exactly the same on how you would use a marker. And so does the effect. It gives off a matt finish but leaves your lips colored and pouty.

Next up is this cute little cream puff! The tube is really as cute as it's name.
It is available in 4 different shades.

So we were required to test out the products and create a pop diva look with them.
For me, pop diva is red lips and rosy cheeks.

So here's me with my usual make up.

Still me, before any of the products were applied.


I drew a longer and waved eyeliner with their waterproof eyeliner and ended it with their bronze glittery eyeliner.

Black eye shadow was also applied minimally.

As for the cheeks, I used the bottom left and right for the warmer feel. Although I know it looked more like the 2 tones above, but I guess it was all because of the lighting.

Also, don't you just love the lip colour in the picture? OMG. I am so going to get that lipstick.

The side profile of my face looks really sharp here. Hahahaha. Not sure if I love all make ups or do I just simply love Collection.

Just some information on the prices, Collection Cosmetics are pretty valued for money because they are cost slightly lesser but has a huge range of different varieties. You really can't get bored with them because they have a lot of colours which you can create the different looks with.

As funky and as pop as the picture below!

You can find Collection at selected Watson's outlets

Ngee Ann City, North Point, Star Vista, United Square, Tampines Mall or Toa Payoh.

Visit them at their Facebook page for more information: or their website at
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Friday, November 01, 2013

[Food] Bear Bites Singapore

I have been seeing this cute paw in my instagram but has  no idea where can I find it! It seems that people who eat them can't resist taking a picture of them first before putting them into their mouth - The same for me!

These cute Taiwanese Bear Paw Burger is now available in Singapore! You can find them at the heart of Orchard Road- *Scape!

Awwwwwwww. Do you know that the different colours represents different flavours?

Starting from white in anti-clockwise position:

White - Original Milk
Brown - Brown Sugar
Brown - Curry
Dark Brown - Squid Ink
Grainy Brown - Oat
Purple - Yam

All buns are freshly imported from Taiwan so that consumers can taste the original. Squid Ink is temporary out of stock due to popular demand.

It is pretty easy to order and you get to choose what kind of sauce you want to pair with the patty of your choice.

Choose your patty, either Karaage Crispy Chicken or Oishi Fish Fillet.

Next, top it up with your favourite sauce. They have 6 different flavours for you to choose - Mushroom, Sweet & Speicy Thai, Black Pepper, Tartar, Honey Mustard and Golden Cheese.

Golden Cheese and Mushroom are my top 2 choices!!

Karaage Cripsy Chicken with Black Pepper Sauce in an Original Milk bun. Yumssss.
Look at the oozing sauce!

I am more of a fish lover than a meat lover. So I had Oishi Fish Fillet instead.

My lunch that day was Oishi Fish Fillet with Golden Cheese in an Original Milk bun. I must really comment on the portion of the fish. It was huge. I could only finish 1/2 of the burger.

Not forgetting their fries. They have normal salted fries and Cheese fries. I am a sucker for fries, really.

You can complete your meal from $7.80 which includes a Bear Bites Burger, Fries and Bottled drinks. Cheese fries can be requested with an additional of charge of $1.

That's not all. You can complete your meal with a Bear Paw Gelato!

The same for the burger, pick your choice of bun and your favourite Gelato - Chocolate, Green Tea or Caramel Biscuit.

The bun size for the Gelato is much smaller than the Burger.

For me, it's the original milk bun again, but with Caramel Biscuit.

Come visit Bear Bites and try the cute Bear Paw Burger today!

From 20 October till 20 November 2013 take part in their Instagram Contest and stand to win Bear Bites Party for 6 pax:

- 6 x Bear Paw Burgers
 - 6 x Fries
- 6 x Drinks
- 6 x Bear Paw Gelato

All you have to do is to follow them on Instagram @BearBitesSingapore, upload a photo of the Bear Paw Burger and hashtag #BearBitesSingapore and #Singapore.

Contact Bear Bites Singapore is located at:
2 Orchard Link #02-42 *SCAPE (Outdoor Kiosk), Singapore 237978

For more information:

TWITTER: https// 
INSTAGRAM: https://www.instagram/BearBitesSingapore
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Sunday, October 27, 2013

[Beauty] Dermal Therapy Blistop

I hate it when I am all dressed up but was contemplating if I should wear the desired pair of heels out or not as I have this issue with walking in heels.

I am pretty certain that it is not because of the shoe brand or what so ever but because every pair of heels gives me blisters! Isn't this the same for almost every ladies out there? Can you survive with a whole day of high heels?

I used to only survive for a maximum of only 2 hours but just few days ago, I survived an entire night, from 5.30pm to 11.30am in my favourite pair of extremely high shoe!

My outfit that night was a black maxi dress and trust me, I don't wanna be in a pair of flats especially when the whole D&D was at a ballroom.

And the solution to it? It is none other than Blistop by Dermal Therapy!

Dermal Therapy Blistop is a blister prevention spray that creates an invisible, elastic film-like barrier on the skin, protecting the areas where friction can occur. It acts like your second skin where it is water resistant and micro-aerated, allowing your skin to breath underneath as well.

Knowing that I would be wearing the pair of shoe for prolonged hours, I sprayed it on my ankles and at the back of my foot before wearing the shoe. You can also re-apply it as and when you think you need it. But do remember to only spray it onto clean and dry skin.

I think this spray works so much better than having ugly plasters stuck onto the leg as most of the time, the plasters are visible :/

So, thank you Blistop for making me a comfortable and happy girl that day! It just felt like I was in a pair of flats until my legs were too tired to walk that high again after 6 hours.

Just look at my smiling faces in the pictures below. No pain no gain? Nope. You can look good with no pain now!

Blistop is only retailing at $11.90 at Guardian, Watson, Unity, Sasa and other independent pharmacies :)
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Thursday, October 24, 2013

The Body Shop Christmas Edition

Had always felt that The Body Shop is one of the easiest and best place to get Christmas presents due to the large variety and the long history of the brand.

And this year, I was invited to their Christmas Launch and the whole theme was an old school theme to support The School Project by The Body Shop.

The body shop has been supporting education for over 20 years and through their Community Fair Trade programme, they have helped a lot of children over the world by investing in the building of schools and provision of teaching materials.

The Christmas edition is back again this year to spice up the festivities so you can spoil yourself everyday.

There are three scents to choose from - Ginger Sparkle, Vanilla Bliss and the Cranberry Joy.
I can't make up my mind whose first. The Vanilla or the Cranberry. Both of them were REALLY GOOD.

To each his own, Ginger was quite a hot pick as well!

For every collection, it contains a Hand Wash, Hand Lotion, Heart Shaped Soap, Body Butter and Body Polish.

Items are sold individually. So you can decide what your friend may need. Very ideal and valued for money if you're buying them for Christmas presents. I like milky stuffs and scents. Hence, I really really love this Vanilla collection.

As for the Cranberry Joy, you can see a cute little Canberry Joy Lip Balm at the bottom right. It is said to be slightly tinted as well. The Lip Dome only cost $12.90! The cranberry scent has a really sweet smell.  And I love all my scented make ups or perfume to smell fruity.

The ginerbread man can be found in the Ginger Sparkle collection which makes the whole outlook so christmas-y and cute!

The body butter is retailing at $32.90 for a 200ml tub. The gentle, special edition body exfoliator (Body Polish) is beautifully fragranced with the zingy Ginger Sparkle scent and contains Community Fair Trade honey from Ethiopia. It will only leave your skin soft, smooth, and ultra touchable.

Another good news, The Body Shop's Sparkler is back!!

Also take note of the brush on the right. New Shimmer Bauble & Slanted Kabuki Brush can also be found in their new collection! It is said to be perfect for all skin tones! So, no matter dark or light, you can just try it!

You can decide if you want an Icy Plum or Golden Brown look for Christmas this year.

I love how the 4 step smokey eyes set are sold ($39.90)! You do not have to carry so many stuffs out just to make sure that the make up stays, all you have to do is to bring the palette out!

I love both, but I would love the Icy Plum look more!

As for the Lipstick (Colour Crush), retailing at $22.90 each, I gotta admit that I love the both of them equally. I am a sucker for lipstains.

They also have adorable Christmas Sets available for sale for the normal collection. You can save some time on packaging because everything is already nicely packed!

I love their Body Butter. Who doesn't?

It is always nice to help the less fortunate. It is even better to be shopping and helping them out as well. I hope this entry has also given you more ideas for on what to get for Christmas this year! You really have to check the new collection out.

They will be in stores from November 2013 onwards.

The dress I wore that day. Courtesy of

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Tuesday, October 15, 2013

[Beauty] Simple Spotless Skin Range

Simple is definitely not some new brand. The first time I used Simple was when I was in London and my skin was flaking like crazy. A friend recommended me to try Simple - Hydrating Light Moisturizer and I kept using it even when I was already back in Singapore.

Today, Simple has come up with another new range - Visibly clearer sin with NEW Simple Spotless Skin Range.

The new range provides a gentle yet effective solution for acne, the bane of good skin.

What do you do when you have acne/pimple breakout? Most of you would quickly apply antiseptic lotions to ease the inflammation. But many a times, do you know that chemicals like those could be really harsh on your skin? It could even result in a more severe breakout!!

For people who apply makeups (or even if you don't), it is important that your skin is cleanse properly. Excess oil and impurities have to be removed from the skin so that they do not clog up the pores, causing undesirable consequences.

With proper cleansing, the skin will look healthier, following radiance. Only when your skin is clean, they are able to absorb the moisturizer and other products effectively.

This range contains no perfume, colour or harsh chemicals so that it is also suitable for acne-prone skin rather than causing more irritation to it.

The range emphasis on proper cleansing and is specially formulated with Zinc PLA which helps to moisturise and regulate sebum production. Chamomile, which is also found in the range soothes the skin with its anti-inflammatory properties.

First up is the Simple Spotless Skin Triple Action Face Wash. The face wash has microbeads inside for better cleansing by unclogging the pores and removing hidden dirt. It also has antibacterial effect which could be one of the cause of acne breakouts.

Products with antibacterial effects can be really harsh and causes the skin to be red and dry. But for Simple, they focus on gentle cleansing. Hence, this is also perfect for people who have dry or sensitive skin.

Followed by Spotless Skin Rapid Action Spot Zapper. This handy roll-on is tough on the spots but gentle on the skin. It helps to reduce the spot redness and size without irritating the skin.

You can try applying it at night and wake up to find your spots looking smaller in size. It is also said to see visible results in just 4 hours.

The roll on application also leaves the skin cool.

You can also find Simple Spotless Skin Quick Fix Cleansing Wipes and Simple Spotless Skin Deep Clean Cleansing Pads in the range.

The cleansing wipes is the key product in the new range which score high for its ease to use and the convenience it brings. Just wipe your face and neck with the product to remove make-up traces and impurities that can cause spots and blemishes.

I used to use cleansing wipes before removing the makeup with a milk cleanser for double cleansing purposes. I would also strongly recommend this to people who sweat often or people with oily skin. It wouldn't hurt to use a piece of two during the mid day to wipe away the sebum or impurities on your skin after half a day of work.

The cleansing pads complete the whole cleansing regime by targeting the t-zone area which is prone to blackheads and blemishes. You can use the pads after a face wash or the cleansing wipes. No rinsing is required after the wiping. It aims to clean out clogged pores and exfoliate skin. There are 60 pieces of pads in this small container. Definitely worth your money.


After reading through all these, shall we head to the stores to try them out?

Simple Spotless Skin range is available exclusively at selected Watsons stores with starting prices as low as $13.90!

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