Monday, March 28, 2005

add 0n f0r the pervi0us post :: m0rning went to eat mac breakfast wiv derek.. lols* den went to plae acrade.. >_<" like kids sia.. we played daytona.. lols* soooooo stupid.. he 0was g0t 1st.. played about 5rounds den we g0 h0me le..

Happy Easter Dae!! dear bought a puremilk tee and an easter egg for me.. hahas* the egg was about 2 palm size.. i have attached a picture of it below.. The puremilk tee was tooooo big.. no S so he bought M.. omgg.. coz i want the design sold out le.. only got M.. x( the shirt was damn big.. can wear it to sleep.. lols* no choice.. got to have it changed to other design wiv the size S!!

mmm.. let's see.. t0dae woke up at 11am+ lols* da wh0le family went out to have our brunch and to visit a long lost frenz and her salon.. stayed there for a couple of hours chatting.. after dat went to IMM to have my nursing uniform altered.. as usual, i went to visit huiyan at hang ten.. lols* 30mins lata my 3 sets 0f unif0rm is d0ne s0 0ff we went to our next stop.. my aunt's house.. =.=" hahas* budden it was rather fun becoz my two little cousin was there too.. my dad's frenz called my dad n told him dat he wanted to see us meaning the 3 kids.. DIAO!! means i still cant go home yet.. forced to pay a visit to his frenz.. i wonder wad dae is todae where i have to do alot of visitings.. kind of irritating and it is a waste of my time.. it was evening when we were about to go home so we went for our dinner before we go home..

When i got home.. Linda msged me and ask me if i did my clinical nursing homework.. ohhh shitt.. i didnt noe there was tis homework.. i dun even noe its existence.. sigh* 4 homework n i did none.. lols* 0nly 1 need to be handed in tml.. so i did that piece of work at 7pm and finished it at 8.15pm.. 3 more pieces of homework nt tml hand in so nvm.. =P

Ending my entry le.. hehes* go watch chiobu Ru Hua on channel 8 now.. lols*