Friday, April 01, 2005

n0 dinner t0dae >_< hahas* mei wei kou.. budden i drank a packet 0f ice milo.. d0es that c0unt? lols* t0dae sch end late.. x( 6pm.. hahas..

the mrt in the m0rning seems to be v fast t0dae.. i meet my frenz 6.10am at jur0ng point.. n we reached tanah merah at 7am.. fast isnt it? after dat i went to school cafe to have my breakfast - 2 half boil egg - as usual.. i didnt finish them..

in the n00n, meiling suggested to help cara cut her fringe.. lols.. d0ll head.. she looked so so so so nerd after the haircut and i couldnt stop luffing.. but she is definitely prettier den the old look coz she l00ked so messy.. at my Bio lesson i cant help staring at her nerdy look.. i kept 0n luffing.. weiling saw me luff, she turned n look at cara and she burst into laughter too.. lucky ms sim didnt saw us.. lols*

g0t 1 silly guy lesson 2pm end.. d0wan to go home.. wait f0r me until 6pm.. =.=" den we walked to simei mrt together wiv weiling n gang.. i hate walking.. waste my time.. i rather spend money taking bus.. budden when we went into the mrt.. we went separate ways.. 4 at each end 0f the train.. x) lols* yup.. that's all..