Saturday, March 26, 2005

t0dae went to watch The Eye 10.. wau.. so h0rrifying.. lolx.. i g0t scare by the farking gh0st al0t of times.. new show but i dislike the ending.. Previous dae i watched Son Of The Mask, a funnie show.. hahax.. dear juz got his pay last week.. he bought 1 pure milk tee f0r c0ffee.. lolxs* c0ffee didnt even say "thank you" he only sae already so close le dun need to sae 0ne la.. hahs* so straight forward and sounds abit gay right? but luckily he's nt.. hahas*

FastForward :: 0n fridae juz the day b4 the start 0f my h0lidae i had a fite wiv Cally.. damnit.. i am not going into detail.. juz a brief abit it.. she tinks she really own the class? she tink n0 0ne dares to confront herr? from the start 0f the sch on jan, i was already very unhappy regarding her attitude and her arrogant character.. cara, meiling n juliette tink likewise too.. nvm.. at least i had my revenge 0n fridae.. big size doesnt mean l0ud v0ice eh? hahas* we juz quarrelled infront of the teacherr.. at first she use talk de bt i juz bu shuang i use SHOUT de.. den we juz keep on shouting in class.. the teacher was there too but i tink she didnt hear us as she was too busy dealing wiv the grp discussion.. few days after da incident, she sms-ed me and tell me sorry.. wad's da use 0f it anywae? budden since she already apologized so we juz let the matter rest ba.. i tink she sms-ed meiling too.. meiling said she sounded pathetic so she dunno whether to forgive her anot.. hahas*

Mingxian sms-ed me when i was doing my bl00die project at woodlands.. he told me he's in the camp.. omgg.. i 4got he was already 18.. need to serve ns le.. lols* and the funniest thing was that he is now botak.. hahahas* i cant imagine how he look like.. x)

Mmm.. holidae is ending.. i got tonns of homew0rk waiting for me.. but i m so lazy dat i didnt even touch it at all.. n0t even 0nce ever since my h0lidae started.. lols* nvm.. walk 1 step count 1 step ba.. translate that to chinese.. =x