Tuesday, March 22, 2005

well well.. it has been a donkey years ever since i last update my bloggie.. wad shd i start wiv? i scored 11points for my N lvl.. everything was so sudden n so unexpected.. and den guess wad? damnit.. i had to go to ITE.. 1st choice :: Nitec in Nursing, 2nd choice :: Chemical Processing, 3rd :: Office Skills, 4rd :: Multimedia.. and i got into nursing.. Man! they got l0ads of farking rules i had to obey.. hair muz be bun up, dye hair colour cannot be so obvious, muz hav professional image.. puii~ .. it's march now.. i m already used to all those granny rules and the farking long ride i had to take everydae..

dear failed his O lvl.. same fate as me eh? he got to go ITE too.. tml his posting result will be release.. dunno wheather coming to Simei maa.. when i received the news dat he failed his O i was so shag.. i control my tears all da way from break to after schh.. finally, i burst into tears at the bus stopp. now he is almost working everydae and getting thinner n thinner each day..

perhaps i shd write out something that i really feel cross abt.. wendy and i got into different class and it was like, she have her new frenz and i got mine.. she doesnt find u unless she needs ur help.. that's wad everyone are saying now.. it's okae, i got my frenz too and i dun need her help.. i dunno if you will get the chance to read it or not juz wanna tell u n0 0ffences..

Ever since the start of my life in Simei, coffee went from jurong to simei to fetch me after schh.. Ty.. but after a mth or two, his mum nagged at him.. and that means he cant fetch me anymore.. but he meet me at lakeside mrt almost 3 days from mon - fri den pei me go home watch teevee until 10 and den off, he went home.. hahas.. he is like i call him he sure will reach like shui chuan shui dao.. lolx.. lucky got him.. if not i sure sian till die..

maybe after my attachment i will be taking private O and persure my dreams.. ITE is not the life i wanted.. Nursing is not the course i choosen.. it's my life and i shall lead it the wae i want it to be..