Saturday, April 02, 2005

n0 breakfast n0 dinner.. 0nly heavy lunch t0dae.. well.. i was fooled by juliette by her sms in da morning.. i 4got it was april fool todae.. lols* damnit.. but i wasnt the only one who was fooled by her.. =P

after sch i was so cross wiv cara.. damnit.. she owas spoils my mood.. or rather everyone's mood.. wl,eil,ml,ju and me.. i smsed her wiv l0ts 0f vulgar words.. heck care.. i dun give a damn abt my bl00die image infr0nt of her anym0re..

after sch i went to orchard wiv weiling n gang to dine in at "yuki n yaki" buffet for lunch at cine n shop at hereen.. $16.90 each.. but guessed i ate very little.. lols* few plates of sushi, afew pieces rubbish in the steamboat n a cup of orange juice.. x( definitely cost wae alot lesser den $16.90.. lols* guess wad? meiling so skinny budden can eat aloooooooooooot.. she was eating non stop wiv eileen.. lols* n we stayed there for alm0st 2hrs watching them eat.. me n weiling only lasted for 30mins .. if we continue, i guess we will vomit.. lols* i was filled wiv envy when i saw the way meiling n eileen ate.. how on earth can they eat so much?

after dat went to hereen to walk.. meiling bought a v cute cert.. "the most important person award" for her stead.. swiit eh..? lols* i bought a pair of pink ear studs wiv meiling.. hers got pattern n mine is plain.. i prefer swiit n simple instead of complicated ones.. x)

ar0und 6.. we went home.. i was so tired in the train.. cant blame it.. everydae wake up at 5+.. it's a torture.. how did i end up in ite? i wonder.. reached home bathe n watch jie da huan xi on chan U.. shd i sae the show lame, touching or funnie? =.=" okae.. tt's all f0r t0dae.. c0ffee i miss u too.. x) .. happy april fool n do take care..