Friday, April 15, 2005

well, juz saw something at somewhere and was rather pissed off about it.. nvm.. not worth getting upset about it..

so l0ng nv update blog.. mmm.. life was peaceful for the past few days.. n0thing much happened.. and my m00d was rather good too x)

the 4 of us excluding juliette accompanied cara to get a new bag.. lols* guess it is time to change it.. 0h.. n0t forgetting her sweater too.. get it change as soon as possible.. pretty please? hahas* next week gonna be a tough week for me.. all my exams are getting nearer n nearer.. i m currently awaiting for my june holiday and den my attachment.. hehes*

tml gonna be fridae again.. soooooo swiit!! last dae of the week for sch!.. budden i got phase test 0n sat.. hehes* nvm.. rather confident for the test.. have been practicing it for the past few weeks.. t0dae cara was scolded by ms chow.. lols* thanks to her english? even meiling and me cant stand it.. simply so zzz.. was almost like p6 standard.. tt time mdm suppaiah sae bef0re.. n0w ms chow.. lols* we cant stop luffing each time we heard her saying rationale for the procedure.. ms chow asked us to teach her eng.. but how are we suppose to?

anyway.. i shall end my post here.. got to do my project.. ^^ need to print them out also.. seeyaa..