Sunday, April 03, 2005

woke up at 11am+ so i skipped my breakfast.. =x den i proceed to my lunch at 2pm++ i had maggie.. x( no proper meal todae.. budden dunn0 whether going to eat my dinner anot.. if yes means 1 proper meal le.. hee..

hahas* todae v bored so i went to trim my hair.. fringe abit short but nt much diff.. hair become v bao.. hahas* when i tie my hair the tail v thinn.. lols* my frenzster got pic.. can go n see.. budden if i never tie my hair means no difference la.. hahas*

juz now tried milky plums.. damn nice.. soooooo swiit.. the taste is so different from other type of plums.. milky one got powder de.. and it taste swiit instead of sour.. i'm already addicted to it le.. everydae muz eat 1 packet.. =x

juz now go coffee de blog.. got virus sia.. my norton pop out thing when i enter his blog.. dunno wad happened.. hahas* he cre8 acc in frenzster again.. tt time go del now go cre8 again.. so bo liao.. sigh.. jie da huan xi finish le now no show to watch.. so bored.. >_<"