Thursday, May 19, 2005

3 down!! 1 more to go.. yay.. finally left 1 test.. well, todae's clinical nursing was rather easy.. ^^ behavioural science paper was quite easy too.. except for nursing stardies =( .. was average.. budden dunno can pass anot.. shit man.. important paper n yet i never stardie? regretted.. hais..

mmm.. todae finish my paper at 9.15am at mph which means i took 45mins to do my paperr.. 9.30am was allowed to go home.. budden i was waiting for weiling and meiling.. they are still struggling to complete the paperr.. even though i wore my sweater, i still feel cold in mph so i decided to wait for them outside..

me, meiling, weiling, eileen, cara and weijie went to tam mall to have our brunch.. all ate yoshinoya except me.. i ate sushii.. hehes.. after eating, we went to walk around.. walk n walk, we went in to toyrus.. stayed there n play for awhile and we went home..

after all da walking, i was so sleepy and i fell asleep in the train.. woke up at clementi.. alighted at jurong point and went home.. had a bath n is currently online..