Tuesday, May 31, 2005

as usual, yst went shopping and spent alot of money.. buying clothes and accessories.. haven been looking for the watch i wanted long ago budden owas out of stock.. casio sux.. cant they replenish their stock faster?

and guess wad? i actually finished reading harry potter and the order of the phoenix at 12.48am in da midnight.. how noble of me to actually finish reading such a thick book.. =x .. i never really expect myself to finish reading it.. and was utterly disgusted by the fact that sirius died in book #5.. i took a step back and read harry potter and the goblet of fire.. bought the book long ago budden lost interest in reading it few years back.. since the movie is showing on n0v 18, was intending to watch it so i might as well finish the book to have a better understanding of the story before the movie..

todae woke up at 10plus in da morning.. online awhile and went back to bed.. nt sleeping though.. lols* just lie on bed and stare into the blank celling..

coffee is having his O level chinese todae, best of luck buddy..