Sunday, May 22, 2005

Began my day by eating mac breakfast.. after that, help adel to do her blog.. check it out at my link.. go to her blog.. very cute.. ^^ .. i do one ma.. of coz cute.. =p .. bhb ar? hahas* actually wanted to change my blog skin too.. cant find a skin that suits me.. wanted to do my own blog not using skin.. lazy.. thinking back, last time do so much also no use, change n change.. lols.. so might as well use skin and stick to it..

after finishing her blog, slack for an hour, then i went to cycle at the park.. exercise awhile at the fitness corner and then went back.. it was drizzling.. lols..

coffee arrivied at 2.30pm and we chit chat for awhile.. after that we went to cycle the whole taman jurong.. lols.. cycle until v far ; tired ; butt pain!! budden it was rather romantic.. both of us cycled in the drizzle.. hahahas*

at 5pm, went to help my mum out.. den go back home eat dinner n bathh.. so sleepyy.. that's all for todae.. =) ..