Tuesday, May 10, 2005

clinical attachment are near and end of module exams are nearer n yet i m still so slackk.. alm0st slacking everydae.. oh perhaps i shd sae "B" class really ish "bo chup" .. budden our class grades are great.. ^^

ever since i entered ITE, i haven fail any test regardless of studied or did not study.. lucky eh? =p .. hope to keep my grades free of red marks for the rest of my life in ITE.. x) .. sigh.. ITE really sucks and aint challenging at all.. where is my sec5? where is my poly?

tml got to re-run 2.4km.. i cant run i cant run i cant run.. damnit.. will try to bargain wiv ms kristy tml.. hehe.. tell her i run le confirm fail so no point running in the first place.. if tml nv run 2.4km.. i will have lesson at 8-9am den break all the way to 1.30pm.. wau.. 4 and 1/2 hrs break.. actually break will last until 4pm.. but the farking ms wang wanted to conduct a lesson at 1.30-4pm.. it wasnt suppose to be her lesson at all!!