Saturday, May 21, 2005

horray!! exams are over which means holidays are here.. todae, 2o.o5.o5 last dae of exam.. hoho.. the bio paper for todae is rather hard.. coz i wasnt prepared for it.. *sigh* guess i might flunk it.. x(

papers end at 1o3o and i went off at 9o3o.. 1o3o all nursing teachers are treating class b, c, d, e lunch.. so got to stay backk.. the group of us went to slack in the cafe and when time is up, we went to the assembly area..

well, next week is ms wang, my class advisior last day.. bahs! she has got nth to do wiv us.. we hate her to the core.. she's mean, cruel, strict and biased!

after eating, all nursing students are to report to the mlt for attachment briefing.. the talk lasted for an hour or so..

have to wait for weijie, so got plenty of time left.. so went to eastpoint.. he smsed me after his exams ask me where i am and i told him tam mall.. lols.. told him the wrong venue and he went there.. hahahax.. dunno y go tell him tam mall.. den he took train down to simeii..

ambrose, joey, becky, eileen, weiling, cara, weijie and me went to safari pet of wad.. forgotten the name.. nt that important anyway.. the animals there were so god damn cute.. esp those puppies..

at around 4, we went home.. was so tired.. home swit home.. =)