Sunday, May 15, 2005

mmm.. todae stardied 2hrs+ for my behavioural science already want half of my life..

so fast mondae exam period le.. i need to look good wiv my attire if not lata teacher bar me from my exams.. esp my hair n my shoe.. my frinch owas get caught by teachers and my pony tail nv bunned nia also nag.. fark them.. if like tt ask all nurses to shave off their hair la, be bald, see in the future got pple want to be nurse anot.. anyway after ITE i m nt taking nursing anymore.. =P .. and my shoe gt white prints.. so far no teacher catch me budden sch rule shoe must be plain black..

todae coffee nv come over to my house due to his exams.. his last paper is on wed and mine is on thurs.. YAY!! after thurs all my module are over!! tis tiring journey is finally ending..

My school shoe