Sunday, May 29, 2005

on tues i went back to sch.. volunteer to clean the lab.. nursing lab.. nt com lab.. hahas.. rather boring.. i was watching joey clean, she was so hardworking tt day.. lols.. after that.. around 11am we went off.. joey wanted to swim so we accompanied her there and watch her swim.. her banana boat stinks [suntan lotion].. lols* the sun was blazing and too hot for me to bear with it.. so weiling and me went to the pool's toilet and enjoy ourselves in there.. soo cooling.. lols* at 2pm, we went for our lunch and went home.. x)

yst was doing html for my frenzster profile.. todae gone le.. cant see it anymore.. sucks.. yst cant sleep.. was tossing in my bed for an hour before i could actually fall asleep.. and this means i dun have enuff sleep..

todae woke up at 10am by the noise adel made.. she was watching television in the room and disturbing my sleep.. manz! lols* busy making my photo gallery which i had created last year.. juz done dealing with it.. only some of my frenz got the url.. lols* kaes, going to bath.. will be back to update lata in da night.. ^^