Monday, May 02, 2005

wau wau wauuuu.. once again.. pissed off by someone.. x( in friendster and in msn.. it was "soooo originall" and almost the same.. buay ta han!! ll x( kao!! all th0se sentences and patternn.. ohhh.. forget it.. dun wish to talk abt it n hurt each other feelings.. and the person shd noe who i m refering to.. she noes herselff.. dun mind my straight forward-ness!!

yst was an farked up dayy.. only heard pple crying for afew hourrs.. and it was rather irritating.. bahs! i hate u i hate u i hate u!

mmm.. hope todae gonna be a fine day.. lata going shopping den visit grandma.. might be meeting some of my friends too.. ^^ okaes.. i will blog lata when i get home.. seeyaa..

backk!! went to west mall to have lunch.. shop there for awhile den proceed to causewayy.. spent alot of money x( .. hahas* nvm.. as long as i happy can le.. worth it.. =x