Thursday, May 12, 2005

yo.. todae went to sch as usual.. actually after sch got bio lesson at 1pm - 3pm de.. budden i skipped the class wiv meiling, eileen, weiling and cara.. juliette was the only one among us who went for the lesson.. den james also skipped his last lesson..

we went to west mall and meiling went to find her boyfriend.. hehes.. guess wad? i pierced my 5th ear hole.. lols* james pierced his 3rd one and weiling pierced her 8th hole.. she's mad isnt she? lols.. i 0verspent tis week.. t0dae is 0nly wednesdae and my weekly $60 finish le.. hehes* luckily i still got my own money..

tml i m going for my jab wiv weiling n cara.. oh my g0sh.. booster jab.. 3 in 1 somemore.. *pengz* nursing head has decided to left us off on thurs and fri.. so dun need to go sch le.. hehes* they asked us to stardie at home..