Sunday, June 05, 2005

hehes* yst went to salon and dye hair.. under the sun or light den can see the colour one.. cannot dye obvious one due to my farking course.. damn nursing.. fcuk it..

mmms, today went to bukit view primary sch for their school fun fair.. damn the weather and waste my precious time going there.. stupid dad, help frenz buy $50 coupon so we must go.. well, we just stayed there for less den an hour den we went off..

went to west mall and had my lunch shop there for awhile, bought quite afew pair of earings and adell bought a bag.. hehes* today only spend very little money.. not bad ar..? hahas*

tml is my cousin, EllyAnn 21st birthday.. having bdae party in the evening.. weird, i tot they owas organise their birthday at down town east chalet de budden tis year at her house.. *roll eyes* envy her lots, 21 years old le and yet i m still stuck at 16 going on 17.. hais*