Friday, June 17, 2005

hey! finally gt my casio watch.. weeeeeeets* 1 wish down.. congrats me? =x .. and finally, i update my wishie column le.. and somehow, my blog seems quiet.. the song is gone! will change it lata..

haven been waking up late these few days.. 1pm++ or 2pm++ .. =x aint a pig! juz that i slept late.. everyday sleep at 4+am or later..

gt back my results few days ago.. passed all my module.. hehes* budden the GPA was disappointing.. aint please with my marks.. esp biology.. hais* all my clings pass everything too..

holiday is going to be over soon.. hais* attachment!! freakkk.. really regret taking up nursing as my course.. hais* hais* hais* the lucky thing is that eileen is in the same group as me.. only herr.. the rest is all seperated..

for the past few days, was packing my room.. coz my room getting new furnitures.. beds and everything.. den i came across theSIMS cd.. original de ar!! nt pirated de.. and theSIMS living large.. so installed it n play.. kinda fun.. =x