Wednesday, June 29, 2005

hi!!.. long time nv blog le.. mmms.. life at NUH was rather fun.. abit boring though.. but it is better den having lesson.. however, i miss sch.. x( really miss ite college east.. though just went back on thurs.. saw alot of unfamiliar faces..

made many new friends in nuh.. from patients to nanyang poly students.. friendly chaps they are.. lovable peeps!! seldom take lunch at nuh during breaks due to the unsatifying food there.. therefore, i saved alot of money.. hehes*

everything was peaceful for me until yst.. i went back to the ward in the morning.. saw many new patients.. and one of the patient was transferred to my cubical.. he was so god damn demanding.. physical age = 25.. i tink his mental age 9yrs old nia.. so immature and so hard to serve.. so everytime he press the call bell i sure run away go do other things.. let other pple serve him.. hehes* tml in the evening one of my favourite patient gonna transfer to another ward le.. hais* will miss her.. she argue wiv the staff nurse saying that she doesnt want a transfer.. but seems no choice.. coz our ward is too full.. x(