Monday, June 13, 2005

mmm.. today went town again.. lols* v free ar.. everyday go there.. today my purpose of going there is to buy bdae prsent.. hehes* went there at ard 1+ in the noon.. then i happen to see the watch i have been looking for in orchard.. was kinda shocked.. i cant find it anywhere and orchard seems to have some stock.. wanted to buy it first den go home my dad return me the $$, he say okae also budden adell pull me away.. dun let me buy..

at ard 5+ in da evening was intending to go bugis.. budden our legs were weak from all the walking so we went home.. as usual, coffee came to my house n slack.. till 11pm in da nite..

really broke now.. stupid holiday.. dunno y everytime go out spend so much money.. cant control.. lols* i m spoilt n lazy so i dun work.. i juz stay at home n wait for parents to feed me n give me money.. lols* pampered girl ][ spoilt brat

girls, when guys say they will wait for u, it's a lie.. all guys tends to lie to gers coz gers get touch easily.. dun carry false hope.. and dun be a fool to let a guy hurt uu!!