Monday, June 20, 2005

tml is the first day of sch.. which means today is my last day of holidays.. =( .. so fast 1 mth past le..

first day of attachment.. i hate it.. hate nursing.. hais*

today went to katong, bugis, redhill. main purpose was to buy furnitures for my room.. budden cant even find one that we fancy. end up buying shoe rack and put plates de shelf.. also bought printer ink from sim lim.

hehes* currently in msn webcam-ing with chiman! he is is china now! for 2weeks le.. den tml flying off to hongkong.. rich eh? tis friday coming back to sg le.. he told me he bought lots of clothes from there.. at a cheap rate too.. i m so so so envy..

tml need to wake up at 6.30am now still cannot sleep.. cant blame me.. everyday so late sleep.. den today suddenly need to sleep so early..