Friday, July 01, 2005

today was a great day until evening.. omg.. the doctors make their rounds.. 1 of the doctor approached me for help.. he needs me to translate english to chinese to his patient.. so i said okay.. and then when he said his first sentence, i went "omg omg.." i was so tongue tied.. all of a sudden no chinese words seems to come out of my mouth.. chinese sucks.. x( .. drug allergy ask me to translate to chinese i also duno.. hais* i need to read the chinese dictonary.. hehes*

tml is all those nyp students last day le.. x( .. gonna miss them so much.. den the new batch of students gonna come.. hehes* gt new frenz to intermingle with again.. lols*

finally.. changing cubical wiv my frenz.. life gonna be more easier for me without "that guy" ..