Wednesday, June 22, 2005

y0.. attachment is nt that bad after all.. budden v nervous.. maybe after afew weeks everything will be fine again.. i already look v neat liao le.. hair all do properly liao le.. skirt wear the long one le.. still kena caught by the lecturer.. fark man.. fringe again..

need to bring procedure books tml.. bag aint big enuff.. need to buy new sling bag as soon as possible.. if nt bring books in hand v troublesome and no place to keep in the staff room..

made lots of new frens.. hehes* from nyp and our sch de.. all very friendly and easy going.. seriously, i hate nyp teachers they dun give face to their students and scold them infront of us.. wad is tis man.. if me, i rather nt go nyp to stardie..

hais.. thurs and fri noon shift.. 1pm - 9pm.. >.< dun dare to take bus.. so late.. sure very tired de.. =( though morning shift need to wake up v early.. at 5am++ but i rather go morning shift den noon shift.. x(

these few days " fa re " heaty.. dry lips.. hen xin ku.. and the cut on my knee also v pain.. sometimes btbj will bleed.. dun understand y..