Friday, July 22, 2005

1 last day and i m off from ward 63.. =D

mmm.. yst heard from mdm chua that nurses day have to go back to simeii.. national day also.. whole sch sia.. so many pple.. sians.. the whole sch sure very crowed de.. hahas* budden can go back see some frenz nt bad la..

i dun like the new nyp students.. yst she told me to go for 1st break.. den i was like " hey.. wad's wrong wiv u? who do u tink u are.. u wan to go for second break also cannot ask izzit? like tt plan with ur frens all go second one.. tink ite students can be push ard easily? nahs.. " i tink i hate them due to their arogrant attitude..

weijie is starting his 1st day of work at bossini tml.. best of luck..