Friday, July 15, 2005

furniture arrived on last sat.. so happy.. but guess wad? i wasnt v happen wiv the delivery men's attitude so i ring up their manager and complain to them.. 1st thing step into the house think their mood bad or wad 3 of them kp here kp there.. like 3 pple quarrelling showing no respect for the owner.. some of the glass cabinet doors were not in aligment.. they spoilt my curtain railing too.. all the roller drop.. no matter wad i m going to make them pay for it.. mark my words.. so they apologized and will send someone back on fri to fix everything..

woooot! can u believe a nurse being a thief? huixing lost her discman on tues.. wed they wanted to search bag and fizah admited that the discman is in her bag.. she try to denied but no one believe.. lavayana lost some money too.. and during tt period of time only fizah was in the staff lounge.. mmm.. wad a thief.. heard tt she stole her best frenz's handphone also.. and it was mths ago in simei!! seems that she juz wont learn her lesson..

well, nyp students are going back to sch again.. new students to mingle wiv again.. *grins*

yst took out my contact lens.. eyes so red.. hahas.. so today wearing spects to attachment.. =( so pai sehh coz nv wear before..

recently cant find my mp3.. i tot lost.. if lost waste my $250 siaa.. budden i looked n looked for it.. finally recalled that i put in one of my bag.. bag too many le.. must think hard.. lols* seeya!