Sunday, July 03, 2005

hey.. recently went shopping n bought alot of things.. a new sling bag [ finally! ] , a watch, 3 tops, 1 jeans, and ehhh.. forgot.. too many to be name.. lols* today saw a bag i like alot at somewhere.. still pondering on getting it anot.. coz i gt alot of bags.. more den 20.. x( .. everytime give mummie nag.. lols* budden if i whine a little, she will buy the bag i like for me.. hehes*

as usual, attachment was fun.. there's was a day where my shift was the same as eileen.. i was a blood sucker tt day! lols* i pricked her 3 different finger, 1 each times to check her glucose in her blood for fun.. after that, i heard the staff saying that each prick cost $15 due to the things we used.. woot!! unbelieveable!

mmm.. huiyan nv work at hangten le.. now working at bossini.. gt time must go visit her.. hehes* almost all my frenz are working.. all are workaholics!! desperate for money.. hehes.. but who isnt? right?

i wonder how are my clings getting on.. - wondering -