Monday, July 04, 2005

juz came back from shopping.. lols* today nv spend much coz yst spent alot.. only bought 1 top whereas my bro bought 3 tops..

mmms.. guess wad.. i finally found the keychain i wanted long ago n bought it.. n i also saw the big version of tt keychain.. quite nice.. maybe buying it the next time i go there..

yay.. n finally, i bought my room furnitures.. something like zen de.. black colour + white translucent.. quite high class.. 1 suite de.. did nt buy it seperately.. cost about SDG$2ooo.. in tis 21st century, earning money isnt easy.. whereas spending money is like pouring water out of ur basin which means pocket..

ps.. dunno how to spell translucent so i use my "agaration"

fcuked.. who does she tink she is.. ask her tidy rm nia also so difficult.. as if the rm i sleep only loe.. act as if she nv sleep.. all those vcd and alot of cupboard i clear one i also nv sae anything.. she expect me to do all those things for her again? nv seen anyone as lazy as her before.. act as though i m her slave or lackey.. nv use her brain n think who clear those things before she speak.. i also clear everything myself one loe.. so y cant she clear the rest of the things alone?

nvm.. i'll bear wiv it for the moment.. i'm the one wiv the best career n future among the three of us coz i'm the one who stardie hard.. dun expect me to take care of them when they need me when we grow up.. other den my parents, the rest can shoo aside.. my life, my career, my money, my rule! ((x