Monday, August 01, 2005

yst sch organised nurses day programme for us.. those pple from school of nursing had to go back to sch at 8:30am.. well, finally get to see my clings le.. so fun manx.. at first the performance was very boring.. budden at the middle of the performance, the theatre was like "sparks" abt 3/4 of the sch was dancing away.. so 2pid.. hahahas* my clings n me juz sat there and watch them.. those pple who went sure noe wad i mean by "sparks" like disco.. lights off.. punk n rock music were played.. those dancers on the stage danced very beautifully.. those people who danced below the stage looked like as though they were drunk.. lols*

after the celebration, at 11pm, went to eat den we proceeded to bugis.. recently, had been buying alot of earings man.. den help cara choose 1 bag.. very nice sia.. too bad.. i juz bought 1 buy so cant buy.. if nt sure tio nag.. lols* den i got home, bath n fell asleep from 6.30pm - 9pm.. hahas*

now going out le.. maybe lata come back blog..

PS :: coffee, o1.o8.o5 reaching le.. whahhas*