Thursday, August 11, 2005

happy 40th birthday singapore!

today first day for polyclinic attachment.. so fun.. morning at 7.45am saw kelvin at the polyclinic.. den at 4+ reaching 5 saw him at lakeside mrt.. lols* fate man.. first room i went was child development.. darn! those babies were darm cute.. hand so small finger so tiny.. lols* most kept on smiling istead of crying.. weird ehs? lols*

den at 1pm, my grp had to travel to bb polyclinic.. got talk.. start at 2.30pm.. didnt expect to see all my frenz there.. lols* so fun man.. we went to eat KFC for lunch.. was joking thru out and we cant stop luffing.. lols* 4pm, the talk ended and off~ we went home..

love at first sight.
i saw u.
and i wan to see u twice.
i saw u twice.
and i wan to see u thrice.

nt fergeting the moment when we first met. that was when i noe wad is lurrve at first sight.