Saturday, August 20, 2005

y0! juz woke up from my nap.. slept 3 hours.. >.<

last day for sch for the week.. so happy.. tis week was so fun.. the best week of attachment i ever had.. equalvent to 1 week which is also fun in ward 43.. went to primary schools tis week for school health services.. lols* the primary 1 kids so darn cute! so n0tti.. s0me even cried b4 the nurses poke the needle in.. budden some very brave.. no feeling at all.. i take my hat of them man!!

budden on mon to wed i got bad flu! was wasting tissues man.. nose abit red.. >.<" da feeling was so terrible.. luckily i recovered on thurs.. but i sprain my neck.. lols.. after 1 day thx g0d i m feeling great again.. but still abit painful..