Monday, August 15, 2005

yay! just format my computer yst.. hahas* as good as new.. budden tis com nv very old la.. >.< .. about 1year + only narh.. pple sure will ask com no prob y want format.. but i will say " i dunno.. hobby? lols* "

erm.. my grandma fainted at home and landed herself in hospital.. nuh somemore..!! lols* lucky i m out from nuh at the moment.. today went to visit her.. wah.. i tink the whole dayroom only gt the "sims" family.. more den 10 pple!!

after that went to pet farm.. woots* so fun.. actually my dad wanted to do some fishing.. budden nt enuff time.. hahas* next time ba..

no more fourth time.
i'll cherish every moment with you.
da memories will lies in my hart foreva.

-cross my hart n tell no lies-