Tuesday, October 25, 2005

GUESS WAD?! I GOT A PUPPY NOW.. I MEAN IT I REALLY GT A PUPPY.. RITE IN MY HOUSE.. Sorry.. Too excitied.. xD And i named him " Raven ".. Nice name ya? lols* He's mine, my bdae prezzie from my fren's fren.. But i m really SO SO SO afraid of him.. I locked myself in my room after he arrived for hours coz he is so HYPERACTIVE!! N my mum is talking to Raven now.. Sounds kinda retarded ar? But nvm, coz she's caring tt's y.. Wad m i talking about? =.="

Ydae Jackie said he saw me in circuit road, and i don't even have foggiest idea where it is, let alone appearing there.. And so in conclusion, WRONG GAL !! =P

My day today is fantastic.. Time really flies today.. But Monday blues for me.. >.< HuiXing n me really talk alot today.. Seems like we really got alot in common, i mean thinking and opinions..

Yay, tml same shift wiv Eileen, One of my clings n best bud in Simei..

Mabelyn : Baby i wan u; izzit too much to ask for?