Monday, October 10, 2005

my mood is back to blogging again..

hahas* just now chatted wiv POP POP.. den he own me something so i hint him my bdae coming le.. =X den i just remembered, his bdae is few days b4 mine..!! gosh* lols* touched anot POP POP.. i remembered ur mth n date and u cant remember mine.. T_T is 17 not 16!!

my sista's fone gt stolen in the sch.. =.=" dang.. so she cant take pics animore.. have to lend her my fone to zhi lian till she buy a new fone.. lols*

kays.. was chatting wiv my frens on msn the whole day.. all types of frens.. lols* from sec sch , maple, current classmates and bla bla bla.. kinda hungry now coz i haven eaten anything.. but i m darn lazy to go down n take my dinner so i rather wait for someone to bring it up for me.. =P

hey evan.. dun worrie.. dun have her still gt me.. LOL.. kidding.. no use being sad anyway.. jiay0u in wooing her ba.. lols.. kays.. tis time 2 sentences kays?! =X

now now.. no matter frens or foe, no ripping of my code, my graphics, my song, my style or my creations @ my fren or my sista's blog.. u'll only make me hate u in my hart but i can act nth happen if u dun go too far..!!

nevertheless take care everyone..