Friday, October 14, 2005

new layout again.. but seems messy too and i just dunno y.. maybe i'll change it again when i m free.. but my song will nt be change unless i found another song which i really like.. =P

today is a peaceful day for me.. mood was rather gd becoz of tml..

tml is friday which is also my holiday.. dunno ITE receive wad award from sg.. and for celebration, we were granted 1 day of holiday.. lols* kinda lame? but nvm.. i like it.. =x long weekend for me.. well, maybe "long" 3 days aint enuff for me to enj0y myself afterall.. but better den nth isnt it?

i asked zhihan to help me d/l 1 song.. i gt the singer's name, 1 sentence of the chorus n no tittle.. he went to d/l the whole album and listen all till gt the sentence den send me.. silly rite? but thx anyway..

in my life, u're all my colours.
i had no courage to tell u
baby, i gt a crush on you..

i dun hav to be everything to everyone, i juz hope to be something to someone