Thursday, October 20, 2005

normal b0ring day..

Woke up at 10pm n came online.. 11pm went to bathe n prepare for work.. Then 11.30 offline and went to eat my lunch.. *sooooo normal n boring*

During work, at my dinner time, saw my young little patient reading Teenage.. Cover story is about Harry Potter And The goblet Of Fire.. i rushed down to get my copy at 7 eleven.. After reading, cant wait for the movie to be release.. 18 n0v 18 n0v.. i'm waiting.. =P

Then my dad came n drove me home..

My fren saw that watch i wanted at Tam Mall for just 76 bucks.. Darn Cheap rite? shd i buy or shd i not?!

i miss u..
miss u so much..
miss u till i cant stop thinking of uu..