Thursday, October 27, 2005

Raven's is a Pomeranian n i wish i gt a Japanese Spaniel instead of a Pomeranian. Not long ago, i saw a Japanese Spaniel totally black in colour, fat n round, so darn cute.. Raven still duno how to climb stairs.. So when i go up to my bedroom, all he can do is bark n bark.. lols* Today after work i went shopping, bought his shampoo, brush, toys, clothing n etc.. And i took lots of pic of him chewing on the cow's skin toy shoe.. =.=" He is so active till the shoe was chewed torn apart within 20mins.. Ahhh..

And yea, Coffee came over to my place n played with Raven.. We [ coffee; adel; me ] walked Raven around the park.. Anyway, in simple words, today is a tiring day for me..

Mabelyn : In my hart u start to grow on me; kind of a suddenly. Do u feel the way i do?