Friday, October 28, 2005

These few weeks gained lots of siggy for competency skills.. School gonna collect back our book n examine sooner or later.. Bout 15 more days.. Ahhhh.. stressed.. But nvm, recently i'm very happy go lucky, nt taking things to hart cuuuuuuz, i'm in a very good mood.. Owas carrying a smile instead of frowning ard these few days..

And finally, Raven noe who is his owner now.. He noes how to follow me wherever i go, though i enjoyed it but i hate it when he starts to lick my leg or hand.. Abit gross.. xD But its his nature ya? As the time goes by, i think i will be able to get use to it..

I lent my mp3 player to HuiXing n kept forgetting to take back from her.. Life is so boring without music.. Everyday before n after work, all i can do is just staring out of the window n daydream.. I mean when i m in bus; cab n my dad's car..

I hate those pple who blog out but nv do wad they say.. Only noe how to pester pple; clever at pushing blame to others; only noe how to ask pple to tink n do some soul searching when they didnt even use their brain to tink.. And yeah, not forgeting act pitiful to gain sympathy.. Hahs* No offence.. I learnt this from u.. How does it feel it? Let go already n yet still talking abt it again n again..

Maybeline : There are some things money just cant buy.. Feelings; My purest feelings for u..