Tuesday, November 01, 2005

Tml is a public holiday.. YaYs* 3 cheers..

I tot when i login to maple today will be lvl 59.. But nv.. Disappointed.. =X

Today after work at 3pm, i accompanied my fren to Kent Ridge Wing to get sponsership forms to be bonded by NUH.. And the funny thing is, we actually got lost.. =.=" Right in NUH.. We wasted about 30mins to get out of the hospital.. Cant believe we r so blur.. xD

Today my teacher tot i purposely act against her.. I dunno y.. Though i m right handed, i have the behaviour of a left handed person.. Which hand i wear my watch, how i carry my sling bag or side bag.. How i put my things, to my right or left.. All left handed behaviour.. She said tt since i m right handed, just put those equipments to my right side bla bla bla.. But i have the behaviour of a left handed since young.. =.=" But nvm.. I believe she will understand..

Which is the real u? Cool n cold? Sweet n l0ving? Cold but sweet at times?

Mabelyn : If u're here to hurt me, I'm sry but i have to turn ard n walk away.. But if u're here to love me, love me more.. =P