Sunday, October 30, 2005

Today is a very very boring day.. I repeat, BORING.. Feeling very restless n sleepy for the whole day.. Maybe becuz yst slept at 3am and this morning woke up at 9am+..

Yst HuiXing msged me n confide in me about her probs.. Dunno what to do, only can share her probs by listening to her n giving some advice.. But guess she is now at east coast enjoying her romantic nite n beautiful morning.. 2 person watching sun rise.. Weet weet..

Just read some magazine and noticed that Harry Potter n The Goblet Of Fire releasing on 17 n0v now.. Hehes.. Just nice on my bdae.. But i will be working on tt day.. Aaww.. Nvm.. 19 n0v gonna catch the m0vie wiv some other frens..

And yea, on thurs after work i bump into Wendy.. xD.. As usual, talk n talk.. Old friend brings back wonderful memories.. Suddenly, i miss my sec sch life.. . alot. ..

I want to change my layout out but i got no idea how to design it..

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