Wednesday, October 12, 2005

wah.. today went back to sch.. so fun.. all meet at nuh's lobby den go back together.. one whole grp of "B" class students..

cara rebonded her hair so funnie =x but look much pretty le.. today's time past very fast.. report for work at 7am.. den 12pm went to the lobby about 12.30pm den all reach.. after tt off to sch~ in the train was listening to my mp3.. didnt really engage myself into the grp's of conversation coz i was damn tired.. yst slept too late.. when i reach cafe which was around 1.30pm the grp was seperated into two.. n of coz, me wiv my clings.. found a place to sit den keep on making fun of each other..

after the photo taking session which lasted for 1hr or so, all da 6 of us were like "i wish i was at home now" so we took a cab instead of bus to the interchange.. all of them were sleeping as though they are at home.. well, i just closed my eyes for awhile listening to mp3.. just reach home not long ago.. now waiting for tong xin yuan to start.. =P

so long~