Saturday, October 15, 2005

woke up quite late.. i tink around 1pm.. becoz yst was turning n tossing in my bed.. listening to some sad songs..

when i woke up, all i could do was just chatting with my friends in msn.. boring!! totally nth to do.. till 3+ i started designing some new layout for my blog.. currently nt done yet.. perhaps tml? or maybe nt changing anymore? urg.. dunno..

sore throat again?! zzz.. i should abstain myself from chips and chocolates for the moment..

i will not mull over it anymore.. Ive managed to pull myself out from it.. you dont deserve it.. i aint gonna give a hoot to what you say.. you can go on making stories for all you want.. this will gonna be the last time im talking about this.. any furthur writing and mulling will only accelerate the love and hatred that builds up day by day.. hais..

he was once a stranger who walked into my life n changed me..
irrationally in love with you..
i noe it's nt just a crush..