Monday, October 24, 2005

Yay.. Today my dad drove me n some of my relatives into malaysia.. Was rather happy coz its like ages since i last went in to shop? But i only bought 2 top, 1 SMALL handbag.. n i really mean it.. it is so darn small; so cutee! And of coz some accessories.. We thought that if we leave the place early, we might be able to avoid the traffic jam.. But who noes, we waited for 2hrs to get out of malaysia.. And when we stepped out of the shopping mall, i was sweating like hell.. eeeerks* i hate sweating.. But i hate cats more.. Stray cats i mean.. =P

And...... Though i woke up at 9am, i skipped my breakfast n lunch to avoid gaining weight.. xD.. nahs.. Just kidding.. Just dun feel like eating.. At 6pm, my stomach started to growl so i asked my bro to go n buy Mac for me.. gosh* sure put on weight again..

Oh yea, 4got to mention that i saw my secondary sch mate in NUH for attachment too.. She was in the same ward as me.. So coincidence? Her bf went to Australia to stardie med course n is now currently back from Aussy for 2 weeks of holidays.. Man, they r so loving.. U guys shd see it for urself wads true love.. xD No matter how far apart, our heart will owas beat as one.. << For them.. =x

N Evan, Cheer up.. U'll find ur gal eventually one day.. Someone who will mend ur hart back for u..

I'm currently awaiting for My Date Wiv A Vampire 3 to start.. But this week like dun hav.. weird.. Nvm.. So long~

Maybeline : Someday i gonna find someone who wants my soul; hart n mind n not afraid to show that he loves me..