Sunday, October 09, 2005

yup.. back to blogging.. actually nth much to blog.. lol.. more n more of my frens are down with fever.. uh oh.. dengue fever? no way.. and i haven recover yet.. just now my lecturer just smsed me ask me to take care.. lols* cute rite? she so old le still tell me she in mac marking our assisgments and she sms gt "lor" all tis.. so trendy.. =X

make a new layout instead of using a ready made skin.. quite messy hor? >.< make do with it.. will try to change it again during my holiday at the following week.. urm.. i tink so.. =X

have been deleting strangers in my fren list at frenster.. lols* y? coz i dowan my acc to be full again.. sick of it..

HII Evan.. noe u will be reading!! dun worry too much kays? take care..