Wednesday, November 23, 2005

After so many days of afternoon shift, finally~ tml is morning shift.. These few days kept raining.. Its freezing me at work but cooling at home.. Love it (;

I'm going to rebond on hair on the following mon with Wendy..

Hehes.. My red highlighted hair didnt get caught cuz i use my big brown rubber band to hide it everyday.. But of cuz, only the tail is hidden well, the rest of the red hair are exposed.. And my frens from the other grp n my grp were all complaining here n there just becuz my teacher didnt catch me.. And Sheryl's whose colour wasnt as bright as mine got caught today.. Hers is like 1 patch on the left side of her hair.. Well, who ask her itchy hand go DIY.. Pple highlight she also wanna just becuz everyone says the colour suits me n its nice.. Yea.. and i forgot to mention, Sherly is the most brutal girl i've ever seen! She pinched me till my hand got 1 big blue black and she thinks its funny.. Today lots of pple were saying things behind her back.. Childish ya? But they did that to kill time.. Lols* cuz the new ward is so freeeee.. Nothing much to do at all.. Initially, i tot i was the only one who hate her but in fact it was the whole group except for 1 malay gal..

I got back my overall 6mths attachment grades today.. I scored and A.. I didnt dare tell anyone my grades when they were all discussing during their break becuz the grades are not finalize yet.. Who noes if the grades will be affected when they submit the grades to the examination board?

1 and a half more week
8 more days of work

Mabelyn : wo shou shang le, baby; i'm hurt