Wednesday, November 02, 2005

Hahahas* Today is my 2nd time touching alcohol.. And i was a little "high" but coffee insisted that i m drunk.. I felt giddy n my legs were like jelly, and becuz of that, i cant go to east coast wiv my fren to watch sunset.. SAD.. Yea.. All for u.. I tot i could just get myself drunk n 4get everything for awhile but i was still quite sober.. Sober enuff to feel sad.. Drown in my sorrows.. Drenched in my pain again..

Enuff blogging for the day as i m still feeling abit giddy..

Mabelyn : It's better to have never met you than to have dream about you.. Is care n concern abit too much to ask for?

Every girl wants a man that she can run up to him in her sweats,hair messed up and no make up, eyes red from crying,wearing pjs and with the blurry look on her face,and the first thing he says to her is "Baby, u're beautiful" and he means it.

- Its all about loving you -