Friday, November 18, 2005


::Unbuyable Wishes For my 17th Birthday ::
1. Me; my frens n family to stay happy 24/7
2. Lose some weight n grow taller pls! 163cm will do! =x
3. Free from hurts. Any1 who wants to hurt me get far far away from me!
4. You; u, euu!! Though i dunno who "u" will be, but i noe u will appear sooner or later..

n lastly may my wishes come true~ (;

Hehs* This morning at 12am sharp, my hp was flooded wiv smses.. Lots of unexpected friends smsed me to wish me happy birthday.. And this morning when i online, Hongyu nudged me n wished me too.. Never tot that he will remember.. But he wont forget his "dearest" mei's bdae rite? =X Jon, my daddie is buying me Ripples slippers.. Coffee asked me to choose n he pay.. I dun even noe wad to buy.. =.="

When i reached the ward, Eileen n Sheryl gave me some hello kitty thingy.. And Mr Pang gave me a red packet.. Hahas* Sham bought me a talkable thingy.. And the NYP students shook hands n wished me happy birthday.. Lotsa students so my hands were like kinda tired.. =x One of my old patient went back to the ward to find me and he wanted to treat me for dinner but i wasnt able to go for my break at 4pm.. So he was like abit disappointed and told me that he will come back on next wed to treat me.. My bdae wasnt so bad after all ya? Hees*

Mabelyn : I think i'm much stronger n braver than before.. Ive learn to face problems instead of running away from it or deceiving myself (; Mabelyn~ All da best..