Monday, November 07, 2005

Just bought 7610 @ $488.. Acutally wanna use my 6600 to trade in n buy @ $220.. Budden my dad insist on buying the phone can le.. Coz my 6600 bought at the price of $800++ ex right? Cuz i bought it when the phone just release.. U guys might be thinking y so 2pid.. Go buy 7610, y dowan to buy new fone, 7610 n 6600 same function.... Dun ask me y too.. Cuz i dunno >.< lols* Actually i got consider N70 budden abit boyish.. lols* So end up buying 7610 cuz i like the design..

Then we brought Raven to the beach n walk..

Yst chatted wiv Derek in msn till 1am+.. In front of him, i feel so transparent.. He knows wad happened to me without me telling him.. He understands how i feel.. Maybe becuz we are caught in the same situation.. Sigh*

Lata going the mac near my house to accompany coffee to stardie for his Os tml.. Might be meeting Derek and some other fren there..

Back to the rest of the blogging.. Went to mac @ 5pm, coffee, Huiyan n Derek was there too. After that we went to Huishan's condo for her bdae party.. So surprised to see Hongyu there.. xD .. Stayed there for about half an hr den went to the nearby coffee shop to eat.. But i nv eat cuz i wasnt hungry so i just sat there n watch them eat.. lols* Then about 9.45, Junsien, Derek n me sat cab home..

Mabelyn : My world was black n white until the day u walked thru my door and into my heart.