Saturday, November 12, 2005

Today after my lunch break, tears kept rolling down my cheeks.. Nahs! Not crying.. My contact lens too dry.. And my left eye was in pain.. I got no choice but to take out the lens from my eyes.. I nv bring my specs to work so i worked wiv blurrrrr vision.. Lols.. Had to strain my eyes alot.. Quite tiring.. So ard 1+ i called my dad, ask him if he is free now n drive me home at 3pm.. At first he asked me to take cab, well, initally that was wad i intended to do, then after i said "okay" n hang up, he called me again within seconds and told me he is free at 3pm.. So yup, he drove me home.. And i tink i sprained my rite arm and i got no idea how i sprain it.. It really hurts!

When i reach home, i wanted to take a short nap after i had my shower den set alarm n wake up at 5pm to prepare to go out.. But when i reach home, Raven was jumping ard like mad so i brought him to have his shower.. Lols, its nice bathing a puppy.. Then i leave him in the room, wrapped with a towel under the fan and i go n take my shower.. After i came out of my shower, i went to dry him and dry my hair at the same time.. After everything, i prepare, changed n left my house at 5pm+..

Mabelyn : The best thing in life r unseen, that's y we close our eyes when we kisssss.