Tuesday, November 08, 2005

Today went to a new ward.. Finally, my last posting.. Just need to endure for 1 last mth.. That ward alot of young male staff nurse.. Some quite handsome sia.. lols* In the noon, mdm Chua gave us back our logbook and result for the last posting.. Woots* I scored quite high.. so unexpectable n when i got back the book i cant believe my eyes.. Hope to maintain like this for the last posting.. Yeap.. All the best to me ^^

I was assigned in the same cubical as Huda and Liyana.. Not wiv my clings x( but nvm, Huixing's cubical is just beside mine.. =P Liyana n me dun really like working wiv Huda.. Its like she is trying to push us ard loe.. I will show her my colours if i really cant put up wiv it anymore..

Today when i wore my contact lens in the morning, tears kept flowing out of my eyes.. zzZ.. I think yst nite used the wrong solution to wash my lens.. And so again, i wore my specs to work.. Urgh.. And i brought the wrong specs.. I brought the black nerdy specs.. Damn it! =x But no choice.. Have to make do with it so i wore the specs thruout the whole day..

Recently I felt very moody.. And becuz of that, i kept bothering Coffee.. Thx for being there.. N of cuz, Evan too..

Acutally wanna change my background song to Ozone - Dragostea Din Tei but load v long so sticking back to First Love..

Mabelyn : Your words killed me.